About the Author

Okay, so it’s like this–Madonna wasn’t going to be a writer. Let’s get that out there, first. Writing was not the plan. International runway modeling, stalking catwalks in New York, Italy, Germany–appearing in New York theatre, those were Priorities. Yes, applause is a good thing. Bring on those stage lights. Everything changed when she began drafting scenes for fellow actors in a class and discovered that she had a spiritual gift. Plays, books, and a tour of duty as a newspaper reporter followed.

Princess, Underground, and Princess Underground II, modern trilogy fairytales about a Princess, in Hollywoood, in search of her prince and happily ever after, are scheduled for release in 2021.

Madonna is also a licensed realtor. She lives in southern California surrounded by many animals and quite a few zany friends.

Photo credit: johnnyolsen.com