Los Angeles

“It took a realtor to write the real back stage story of what happened during the Great Recession – how it burned through our nation like Sherman did when he marched to the sea.”


I Am House is the beyond-all-odds-story of a tear-down estate and a human—both deeply affected by alcoholism—who meet and save each other in the worst of times. Using her last 800 dollars as a down payment, Kathy O’Brien signs a contract on the worst fixer she has ever seen—and goes for it. This is her dream—the estate that she has always wanted. “It just needs a little work.” A little work? Most would have said, “Tear it down! Bring a bulldozer!” But she defiantly walks onward, convinced that if she gets into the place, she’ll resurrect it. “I dreamt I bought an old mansion,” she writes in her journal. “I should say it became mine, sight unseen.”

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